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We Love Our Volunteers!!!!!

Volunteers must be 12 yrs old or older and have a real love for animals. Volunteers are welcome during our regular business hours, Tuesdays through Saturdays 12 to 4 pm. There is no need to call to schedule a time for then, just come by and and sign a release form and begin spending time with our furbabies. (parents must sign for children under 18)

***Options For Volunteers***

  • Walk Dogs

  • Bathe Dogs

  • Socialize The Dogs

  • Teach Commands (sit, stay, lay down, beg, etc.)

  • Cuddle and Play with the Dogs

  • Cats need Love too! Come Cuddle

  • Help With Adoption Events

  • Help With Networking Our Animals On Social Media

  • Dishes and Laundry

***Other Ways To Help Through Volunteering***

Our Spay and Neuter program relies on volunteers to transport our cats and dogs to and from the veterinarian's office. If you have a car that can fit pet carriers without a problem, and you would like to transport; WE NEED YOU!

We also always appreciate the volunteers that don't mind rolling up their sleeves and getting a little dirty. Shelter cleaning, Laundry, and Dishes are jobs that never seem to have an end. So if you offer we won't say no!

We are also trying to get a T.N.R. program for feral cats in place soon and we are going to need volunteers for it also. You can see more info on the program by clicking here and it will direct you to that section.

There is also a new and exciting program we are starting called Dogs Day Out  it's where you can come in and fill out a release form with your information and a specific dog's information that you choose and you can basically check the dog out of the shelter for

the day and have a wonderful day out. you can take them to the park, on rides, hikes, or anything fun for the both of you

that you can think of then bring them back at the end of the day before 4 or the next business day.

This lets the dogs get out and away from the shelter for awhile and improve their quality of life,

and helps let them know that people haven't given up on them and they can still find love

from a caring family or individual.

***Come By Today And Help The Furbabies***

​​Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer today!

Just fill out the form and say what day(s) you can volunteer and what you would like to do as a volunteer at the shelter and we will contact you with information. Thank You​


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