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Community service

Community Service Hours Start At 8:00am

This the time you need to be here, side door where you enter will be locked at 8:30am. If you come after 8:30am you will not be allowed to do your hours until the next day.

Tuesday through Saturday 8:00am

Sunday and Monday hours are  9:00am with doors locked at 9:30am.


  When you come in, you need to sign the sign in book in the front lobby and sign out when you leave. Please bring your paper to be signed each day. This is your responsibility, if you lose your paper we can't give you hours unless it is logged in the sign in book.

  Hawkins County Humane Society will not be held liable for any damage to your property or person nor missing property. You need to keep all personal property in the break room.

  Proper Attire:   no flip flops, shirts required, no tank tops, no short shorts. First time is a warning, after that you will need to do your community service somewhere else.

  Please bring a drink and something to eat or snack on due to we don't have anything like that on hand.

  You will be given directions on how to clean each area. If you have any questions please ask. We will not tolerate horseplay, foul language, physical or verbal abuse. You are here to do a job and must conduct yourself in a professional manner.

  Our number 1 rule is; We Will Not Tolerate ANY Mistreating Of Our Animals Physically, Verbally, Or Any Other Way PERIOD!!!! If this occurs your probation officer and the judge will be notified and you will be sent home IMMEDIATELY. You will be required to sign a paper with these guidelines upon arrival before you can begin doing your community service on your first day.

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